Drive Greener and Help Mother Nature Thrive and Be Cleaner

Natural beauty surrounds the Earthycars showroom here in Williston, Vermont, with Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains framing our beautiful landscape.  With this gift from Mother Nature why not return the favor by practicing some greener driving techniques.

So, just how can you help the environment out with your driving?

There are many simple techniques you can do to not burn as much fuel and produce less emissions, with reducing speed, acceleration and hard braking being a few.  In addition, carrying less junk in your trunk can assist with your vehicles energy consumption, as well as proper tire maintenance.  These two are often overlooked, but can help chip away at the fuel you consume while driving.

For those who want to take the next step there is always the option to turn your car into a biodiesel machine, burning processed fat for energy.  This takes some serious motivation, and is not always the easiest choice, but it surely is a greener one.

If your vehicle is burning an excessive amount of fuel it may be time to trade it in for one that is more efficient.  This is where our dealership comes in to help, as at Earthycars we have some amazing green machines in our used car inventory.  From the Toyota Prius to the Honda Civic Hybrid we have a selection of vehicles that are kind to Mother Nature.

Carpooling is also a good way to help the environment, as well as public transportation, but for those who love driving the scenic roads of Vermont themselves a hybrid or electric vehicle is the best answer.

Our dealership serves the entire Burlington, Vermont region, so stop by today if you have any questions about our pre-owned vehicles or about greener driving techniques.  To ensure your vehicle is at its peak efficiency bring it by our service center and the trained professionals here can inspect your ride to make sure it is treating Mother Nature with the respect she deserves.

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