Meet the people who made the new Toyota Camry

If you asked us here at Earthycars, we'd tell you it's no mystery why the Toyota Camry has always been a best-seller on our lineup. It's fuel-efficient, it's affordable and it's an award-winning model you can rely on from year to year. And now that we've feasted our eyes on what next year's model will have to offer, the future of this nameplate has never looked brighter.

Then again, we can't say it's all that surprising. The same people who brought this beauty to life are the same one who made our used Toyota lineup as special as it is. And if you'd like to meet the minds behind the new Camry, then go right ahead and watch the video below.

Until we can get our hands on this upcoming creation, feel free to do some comparison shopping with a test drive in one of our Camry models here in Williston, VT. Something tells us you won't be disappointed.

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