Spring Into the Sun with a Clean Car

Yes, that bright circular orb sitting in the sky is indeed the sun, it has finally returned to give us a break from the winter and brutal polar vortex.

If you are like us then the Vermont winter has left your ride in pretty bad shape considering the never ending torrent of ice and snow mother nature bombarded us with.  However, there is a way to bring the shine back to your ride and spring back onto the road in style.

The experts at AutoweekUSA released a video last year showing off some great techniques for spring cleaning your car.  Take a look below and learn how to make your ride sparkle once again:

If you follow the above guideline then your car will shine brighter than the blue waters of Lake Champlain in the summertime.

Alongside spring cleaning make sure your ride is in perfect working order by stopping by our service center for a checkup.  There is nothing worse than breaking down on your way to North Beach for a swim or Camel's Hump for a hike, so be prepared this season.

In addition, if your ride was left so beaten and battered it is now in a state of disrepair then do not despair because our inventory of used cars is here.  Spring back onto the roads of Burlington, Vermont with an affordable ride from our dealership and seize the day this Spring and Summer!

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