Don't Let a Flat Tire Slow Down your Vermont Travels

Earthycars, located in Williston, Vermont serves the bustling mini-city of Burlington, Vermont and has a fine selection of used inventory vehicles, including a many used Toyota models.

Vermont during the summer is beautiful and if our customers aren't hanging out at Lake Champlain they may be in other parts of State going on hikes. While Burlington has great cell reception, it can get a bit spotty the further into the State you go and if you get a flat tire you might not have the best reception to call road side assistance (and it could take them awhile to arrive!)

Knowing how to change a spare can get you back on the road quickly and it's a great skill to know before the situation arrives! Now that the weather is getting warmer, take an afternoon to acquaint yourself with your vehicle's spare tire and kit location and feel confident getting that donut on.

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