These Rides Deliver the Best Bang for the Buck

If you need to upgrade your wheels but do not want to break the bank then a pre-owned vehicle is the best way to go.  Here at Earthycars we bring to the market an incredible inventory of used cars, ones that can help you hit the road in style and reliability.

With so many options out there buying a pre-owned model can sometimes be a bit tricky, which is why turning to the experts  and reviews is the best place to begin.  The professionals over at usually know their stuff, and recently they gave us a look at the best rides for under $20,000.

This list was dominated by the two brands we chiefly offer in our showroom, that being Honda and Toyota.  Both Japanese automakers have always been revered for their reliability and they proved this by landing four models on the final list.

The Honda Accord (2010-2012) and CR-V (2005-2011) finished as top choices for under $20,000, and were joined by the Toyota Prius (2010-2012) and Highlander (2005-2009).  These four models all are present in our inventory, with exact model years available for the Prius and Highlander.

Of course the Prius is our favorite of those four, as we are a bit biased towards those models that are ecofriendly.  However, the other three that appear are also efficient themselves, offering up great all around features and reliability on the road.

If you want to keep your arms and legs and not drain your bank account by buying a new ride then come on down to our showroom and check out all of these amazing pre-owned models.

With the summer months approaching here in the Burlington, Vermont region it may be time to trade out the winter battered ride you have for one that is more reliable and fresh.  Put the green back in your wallet as Mother Nature puts the green back on the trees this season, we look forward to seeing you.

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