Safety comes standard with Toyota

In this age of smartphones and wireless connectivity that we now live in, we're guessing it comes as no surprise that our customer here at Earthycars have more distractions to deal with than ever before. Lucky for all of us, the brass at Toyota is doing their part to make sure teen drivers and their parents are keeping their eyes on the road.

As part of their TeenDrive365 initiative, Toyota recently brought a young man and his mom out to a closed course. With a camera crew along for the ride, both parties had to navigate their way through on obstacle course while a comedian in the passenger's seat had them laughing the whole way. Want to see how it all played out? Then go right ahead and watch the video below.

So, if safety is what you're after, then safety is what you'll get when you're behind the wheel of one of our Toyota Corolla models. And if you'd like to learn more about how Toyota is working to keep their customers in one piece, we'd be happy to fill you in at our dealership here in Williston, VT.

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