Before Heading to Grandma's, Check our Holiday Travel Checklist!

As Vermonters, we are proud to consider ourselves tough winter survivors. We brace mountains of snow and below freezing temperatures for months on end and always make it through with a smile. Well, not always, but mostly. As we face the busiest travel day of the year, we're constantly checking our weather forecast for the 4-6 inches of snow those goofy weather guys predict.

Fortunately, this isn't our first rodeo, and most of us won't let a possible half foot of snow stop us from going over the river and through the woods to grandma's house this Thanksgiving. To help our brave drivers prepare this season, we're turning to The Weather Channel and The Car Coach, Lauren Fix, for a few helpful reminders. Take a look:

If you have any doubts about the way your car is running, please pay us a visit at Earthycars where the members of our Service Center are dedicated to keeping your car running smoothly. Schedule an appointment right here on our website so we can get you in and out in time for grandma's famous apple pie!

Below we've included a quick checklist of items to keep in your car if you plan to travel this season. And before you go, let our family wish your family a very Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels!

Packing List:

  • Spare Tire
  • A Jumpstarter
  • A LED light source
  • Perishable food like nuts or bars
  • Medication
  • Warm Clothes and Blankets
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