Why There's Nothing Particularly "Used" about a Pre-owned Toyota Camry

There are a lot of reasons why Burlington, VT drivers shop Toyota here at Earthycars, and one of the main ones is the Camry. This bestselling midsize sedan is seemingly ubiquitous here on Williston, VT area roads because of its characteristic durability, longevity and value. And with the 2015 model year upon us, we're sure to be getting in even more Camry models.

If you've never stepped inside of a Camry, don't let its everyman appearance deter you from doing so. The interior is chockfull of premium-looking materials, ample amenities and enough space for four of your tallest friends. They say that roughly 80 percent of Toyota vehicles sold within the past two decades are still on the road today, and that's what makes buying a low-price, used model a truly outstanding deal.

Autotrader gives a brief overview of the previous Camry generation in the video clip below, and it can help you navigate through the wide selection of models. Watch the review here:

Feel free to browse any of our available pre-owned Camry models, tinker with any of the features and take your favorites for a test drive.


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