Meeting Someone at the Airport & Need Your Car Clean Now?

Washing and detailing your car properly takes time, but what do you do when plans suddenly change, and you're picking up your partner's parents at BTV in five minutes? You need to make a good first impression... but your dusty car is filled with soda cans and gym bags.

Don't panic. Autoblog Details offers six tips to have your car cleaner in minutes.

  • Empty trash from the car. If you need to stash it in the trunk, keep it tidy inside a grocery bag for when the in-laws inevitably need to store luggage in there.
  • Beat the floor mats. No time to get the vacuum—just remove the floor mats and beat the dirt out of them with your hand.
  • Rinse the car with a hose. There's no time to scrub with soap, but you can avoid scratches in the paint by drying with a clean microfiber towel lubricated with a drying agent. Always switch to a clean towel as soon as one looks dirty, and always use microfiber—terrycloth can cause scratching.
  • Shine the tires. Rubber can handle a lot of abuse, so don't worry about using microfiber here. Dry with an old towel and rub on some tire dressing.
  • Clean the windshield. This is one "hot spot" where smudges are bound to be noticed by picky passengers, so quickly wipe down with automotive glass cleaner (ammonia-based Windex can damage the tint strip) and dry with a microfiber towel for a streak-free finish.
  • Wipe down the center console and dashboard with a leather and plastic cleaner if there's time, or a damp cloth. 
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