Simple Ways to Dog Proof Your Car

Many of us love riding with our doggy friends in the car with us, and they seem to love it too. But, dogs can leave an awful mess behind if you're not careful. They track in mud and water, they shed, and some of them even get motion sickness. These things can be a hassle to clean up but, if you doggy proof your car you can greatly reduce clean up time. Tips for dog proofing your car include:

  • Before you do anything else you should spray the seats with a leather or upholstery protector. This protects the seats from messes other methods may miss.
  • Use a pet hammock or pet seat cover. This is perfect if your furry friend likes to ride in the backseat. They also make pet seat covers for the front seat. These items protect the seats from all kinds of messes and can be relatively inexpensive.
  • Cargo covers are another way to doggy proof your car. These are for pets who ride in the cargo area and work well for long trips or bigger dogs.
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