Keeping the Tradition: How to Safely Transport Your Traditional Dishes this Holiday Season

Visiting loved ones and cooking tasty dishes are traditions held by many during the holiday season. Unfortunately, this tradition of sharing holiday foods sometimes results in the tradition of cleaning up the mess it leaves behind in the backseat. When traveling with food, it is important to prepare your dishes for the ride. Here are some helpful tips from us at Earthycars to ensure that your holiday dishes, and your car upholstery, survive the journey.
  • If you have a pie that needs transporting, place an empty pie pan on top of it and wrap it tightly in foil to keep the crumbs in, and any contaminants out.
  • It may seem strange to buckle up your holiday dishes, but securing them with a seat-belt keeps your dishes from spilling over when your vehicle takes a sharp turn.
  • For extra caution, test your traveling containers by tipping them over a sink or trash can to see if any spilling occurs. If your food starts to seep out of a container, consider using a different one.
May you and your dishes experience safe travels this holiday season!
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