Changing Lanes for Stopped Emergency Vehicles is More Than Just Vermonter Politeness

If you have ever driven out of state, one thing that becomes immediately clear upon hitting Vermont highways (apart from the lack of billboards) is how everybody makes an effort to change lanes when they see an emergency vehicle stopped on the shoulder. Those who are unable to vacate the lane usually at least slow down.

The reaction is the same whether it's a tow truck, a construction vehicle, an ambulance, or a state trooper doling out a ticket—everyone moves over.

This isn't just Vermonters being overly-polite, it's a state law that saves lives.

In fact, all 50 states have similar Move Over laws requiring drivers to slow or move aside for stopped emergency vehicles, but according to a National Safety Commission survey, over 70 percent of Americans don't know about their state's law.

Maybe we are more polite after all.

Even though compliance with Move Over laws reduces the risk of being hit, most of us would rather not be stuck on the side of I-89 waiting for a tow. Visit Earthycars in Williston for oil changes, inspections, and other preventative auto maintenance.

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