Pre-Owned Cars in Burlington, Vermont

New to Burlington? Starting a new job or just beginning your studies at the University of Vermont? Well you're going to need an affordable, reliable used car to enjoy all of the state's hidden joys. That's why we encourage first-time buyers, students and new Burlingtonians to stop by the region's number one resource for pre-owned vehicles: Earthycars.

When you purchase your next used car, truck or SUV, you'll know that it will be with someone you trust. Our legions of satisfied customers will speak to the friendly way we do business —that's why you see so many cars around with the infamous "Earthycars" sticker.

Each one of our pre-owned vehicles are inspected to the highest standards of quality and long-term durability, so you know that when you drive home from our shop, you're getting a car that will last well into the future. Earthycars is even home to a comprehensive parts and service center to keep your new vehicle running great for as long as you own it. Visit our Williston home to test drive a selection from our inventory and get your summer started in style.

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