Get Your Car's AC Running Right at Earthycars

Sure, Vermont might be known for its winters —but that doesn't mean we don't have our hot streaks. That's why the team here at Earthycars wants to insure your air conditioning system is up to par for all the summer travel you have ahead. Because nothing spoils summer fun like an uncomfortable journey.

Most vehicle air conditioner repair problems are solved with two simple measures: either refilling/recharging the refrigerant that your air conditioner uses to create cold air, or stopping any leaks that maybe be occurring in that system due to long-term use or age. While O-ring replacement and system flushing are sometimes warranted, they're often only required for vehicles more than a decade-and-a-half old.

Keep your thoughts collected and your passengers cool by contacting Earthycars this week to get your car, truck or SUVs air conditioner repaired, charged or flushed. Drive safe and comfortable this summer with Earthycars by your side.

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