Preparation before Starting Out for a Holiday Road Trip

The roads will be congested this year as holiday travelers get on the roads, and this year you can follow through on not being one of those people stuck on the roads. Consider a few of these holiday travel tips before you pack up the car this year.

  • Keep a box in the car with emergency essentials like duct tape, flashlights, water, snacks, road flares, and an assortment of tools. Check to make sure that the spare tire has air and that all the tools needed to jack up the car and remove a tire are in the vehicle.
  • Plan on traveling on back roads that bypass airports that will be even more crowded than usual this year.
  • The best time to get in the car for the holiday road trip is two days before, but if that is not a possibility you could always leave when it gets dark.

Come over to Earthycars and our crew will inspect your vehicle so it is not going to experience trouble.

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