Tires – A Judgment Call

At Earthycars, we have the experience to help you select your replacement tires. Did you know that tires come in three major categories? You can choose normal passenger tires that are often referred to as summer tires, all-season tires, and winter tires.

Summer tires give the smoothest, quietest ride and may offer the best handling in rain or shine because they have fewer, narrower grooves and softer rubber. This means more rubber gripping the road. However, in cold weather, the rubber stiffens and the lack of grooves become a liability in the snow.

All-season tires, with A/S in raised lettering on the sidewall, handle better than summer tires in light snow but not quite as well in rainy conditions. The type of vehicle that you drive and the roads that you travel on can also impact your choice of tire.

Winter tires, also called snow tires, are designed to handle bitter cold and heavy snow. Unless you frequently travel to areas with year-round winter conditions, you should consider alternating between two sets of tires. This allows you to ride on the best tires for the time of year, and alternating between two sets of tires means that each set wears less and lasts longer.

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