What's That Smell?

There are many smells you encounter while driving. Some are just normal smells and then there are other, more distinct smells. These smells may be alerting you to a possible problem with your car. You can tell a lot about what's going on with your car by finding out where the smell is coming from. Here are some smells you should be on the look out for:

  • If you smell maple syrup coming from your engine when it's warm your car could have a leak in the coolant system. The leak could be coming from a number of places. To get an accurate diagnosis bring your car into our service center.
  • If you smell old gym socks when you turn on your heater or a/c you probably have mildew growing in the moisture condensing inside the a/c evaporator.
  • If you smell burnt carpet after using your brakes a lot the brake pads are probably overheated.
  • Smelling hot oil when your engine is hot? That probably means you have an oil leak. When oil is leaked onto the hot exhaust manifold this creates a burning smell.

If you experience any of these smells bring your car into our service center as soon as possible.

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