Hatchbacks – A better choice than you think!

Over the years, hatchbacks have gotten something of a bum rap among the auto community. None of this negativity has anything to do with performance or reliability – any gear head in Vermont will admit they’re dependable, safe and reliable. No, they just have this unfair stigma of being unstylish.

The truth about modern hatchbacks couldn’t be any different if it tried. These modern designs are sleek and stylish, with an attractive, aerodynamic body that just commands “elegance”.

The roomy interior can comfortably carry many passengers with large windows and excellent leg room. With the folding seats, the rear space can haul quite a bit of cargo, half again what the trunk space of most sedans can offer in most cases.

A hatchback made in recent times is an attractive, reliable, practical choice for the family or outdoorsy person on the go. Come visit us at Earthycars today to experience what modern hatchbacks are all about.




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