Tailgating Essentials

Tailgating can be such a fun experience whether you are headed to a football game with your friends or you want to enjoy the day at a park with your family. Before you head out in your new pre-owned vehicle from Earthycars, make sure you have some of the best tailgating essentials on hand to make your day perfect.

  • Plan a picnic of some sort. You can stick to cold items that you can keep nearby in a cooler, or you can use a small, portable, charcoal grill to cook up some items.
  • Keep a number of paper products on hand like paper plates, napkins, disposable cutlery and plastic cups. You can easily dispose of everything before you head home and there won't be much cleanup to do later on.
Make sure you have routine maintenance done on your vehicle periodically so you can trust your vehicle and have it for many years or tailgating to come.



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