What is the Issue with a Car Overheating?

Once the temperature gauge on a vehicle indicates extreme heat in the engine, a serious problem may be present. The sight of steam coming out from under the hood further reveals major troubles are present. What are these troubles that cause overheating?

A coolant leak could be the prime culprit. If the radiator or connecting hoses suffer from punctures or corrosion-related holes, coolant leaks out. A loose hose might be the issue as well. Once coolant levels drop, there isn't enough fluid to keep the engine at an appropriate temperature. Clogs in the radiator or hoses might cause similar problems as well.

Failing or faulty parts contribute to overheating, too. A failing water pump or a broken thermostat won't exactly help the cause of keeping an engine's temperature down. Neither would a failing fan.

Once your car overheats, take the vehicle to Earthycars's service center in Williston. Our mechanics can examine the vehicle and find out what ails it.

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