Why Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

The team here at Earthycars have some information about your car tires we needed to share. If you are still riding on all-season tires as summer approaches you might want to reconsider.

Summer tires were specifically designed to be able to withstand the severe heat on the roads and keep you and your passengers safer by increasing handling, reducing brake time, and improving the grip the tires have on the road.

Grooves that are needed in all-season tires are not as needed on the summer tires because more tread on the road in the heat is better for traction.

Summer tires have distinct tread patterns that are for moving rainwater off the road and reducing the chances of your car either hydroplaning or skidding into the other driving lanes.

Bring your vehicle to Earthycars today and our crew will inspect your tires or replace them with brand new summer tires.
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