Get to Know Your Suspension

Your car's suspension is key in making sure you have a smooth, bump-free ride. It minimizes the vibrations you and your passengers feel. Shocks, struts and steering equipment are all key parts of your vehicle's suspension.

If all is right with your car's suspension, you really shouldn't notice it. If there's a problem, you may start to notice a bumpy ride or feel like the car is swaying as you drive. You might also feel like the front end of your car is moving downward as you brake. Fluid leaking from a shock or strut is also a bad sign.

Your suspension is made up of a lot of parts, like bushings and tie rods, that wear out over time. Even if the terrain you drive over is smooth, you'll need to service your suspension sometimes. Stop into Earthycars the next time you're in Williston with any questions you have. We're always happy to help.
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