Five Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced

These warning signs your car tires need to be replaced could be the difference in you being stranded on the road when a tire has a blowout.
  1. If your car is equipped with a tire warning light, take action the first time this light flashes.
  2. If you notice low tire tread, you are putting yourself and other motorists in danger because the vehicle is going to have trouble gripping the road surface in bad weather.
  3. Any cracked tires is an indication of a defect or a serious failure.
  4. With wear on one side of the car tire, it could be the alignment is off and reducing the life of the tires.
  5. Don't ignore tire vibration because it could be a sign of a bigger concern.
If you have tire issues on your car, come see our tire technicians at Earthycars so we can replace them.



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