Using Your FWD System: 4H vs 4L

Here at Earthycars, we want you to be informed when it comes to using your truck or SUV. Let's go over the differences between 4H and 4L so that you have a better idea of what to do in an off-road situation.

If you find yourself in a high-speed situation and struggling for traction, you will want to shift into 4H or four high. A couple of examples would be driving on the highway during a snowstorm, or navigating a smoothly paved dirt road.

4L or four low is designed to give you more torque in low-speed off-road situations. An example would be navigating a rocky dirt road or driving in deep snow or sand. To avoid drivetrain problems, you should never exceed speeds of 35 mph in 4L. For any other questions concerning your truck or SUV feel free to contact us at our dealership in Williston where we will be happy to give you answers!


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