Tips For Removing Bad Odors From Your Vehicle

Here at our dealership in Williston, we want you to be an informed vehicle owner. We are here to keep you informed on matters such as keeping bad odors out of your car. Bad smells are bound to form in your car over time; here are a few tips that will help you take control of them.

Classic Home Remedies

After you have cleaned all foreign objects you can try a number of home remedies that have proven to remove odors, including leaving a cup of coffee grounds or white vinegar inside overnight, pouring baking soda on the floors and seats and vacuuming it up, or you can even try things such as charcoal or cat litter to clean up the air.

Chemicals Are a Last Resort

?If you have an unbearable odor you should use something like an odor bomb to remove the bad smell. Visit us at Earthycars for any of your automotive service needs.


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