Get to Know Each Truck Cab Style

Different truck cab styles let you customize your ride to your requirements and preferences. As styles and their names come, go or change, telling them apart gets a bit harder. We here at Earthycars in Williston love to dispel confusion about trucks, so here's a basic rundown of cab styles.

Regular, Extended, Double, Crew

Regular cab, or standard, is the classic, two-door pickup popular in the country and the city. Extended cab has two front doors, two back "suicide" doors and, occasionally, space behind the front seats for storage or a jump seat. Double cab, which Ram calls "Quad," has four front-hinged doors and a rear seat with some leg room. Crew cab, one size up, has a full rear seat as well as four full-sized, front-hinged doors.


Mega cab is essentially a crew cab with extra space behind the rear seats for storage. There's good leg room in the front and the back, emphasizing rider comfort. CrewMax is Toyota's name for this style, while GMC refers to it as "Crew."



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