Numerous pet owners take their four-legged friends with them when traveling. However, removing the pet hair that lines the interior upholstery can be a hassle. A few tips make the task easier and less time-consuming.

Inflate a children's balloon and rub it on the upholstery. The static electricity attracts pet hair like a magnet. Get the same result by donning a pair of rubber gloves. Spray the upholstery lightly with water. Wipe the interior with the gloves.

Another option includes mixing a few teaspoons of your favorite fabric softener with water. Spray the upholstery with the solution. Use a paper towel and wipe down the seats. Allow the seats to dry and vacuum remaining hair.

Consider wrapping duct or packaging tape around your hand with the adhesive side out. Press the tape against the seats. You might also use a lint roller or a vacuum equipped with the rubber bristle brush.



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