There are some drivers who are already well-versed in proper car seat installation. If you're expecting a first child and have yet to put one of these systems in, however, the initial setup can be quite confusing. At Earthycars, we want all parents to know how to complete this essential task correctly. After all, even a first-rate safety seat won't offer adequate protection during an accident if it's been poorly installed.

Some Cars Are Actually Designed To Streamline This Process

You should start by reading the child safety seat manual and all relevant parts of the owner's manual for your vehicle. Many family-friendly autos have lower anchors for securing various safety seat types. These anchors both streamline the install process and provide an extra level of support.

Choosing The Right Safety Seat Is Key

?At each stage of development, your child will need a specific type of safety seat. For infants and young toddlers, rear-facing seats are essential. At the age of four, your child should be ready for a front-facing car seat. By eight, he or she will be able to ride in a basic and easy-to-install booster. Choosing the wrong seat design can result in insufficient comfort and support, and a significantly increased risk of collision-related injuries. To know more about car seat installation or to take one of our family-friendly vehicles out for a test drive, contact Earthycars.


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