The lone motorist broke down at the snowy roadside and needing a jump start is a common image in pop culture. However, intense winter temperatures aren't the only enemy of a car battery. Summer's heatwaves are just as deadly. According to the factory-trained techs in our Earthycars service department, here's why.

Increased Capacity, Shorter Life

Summer brings good news and bad news to your car battery. In summer, your car battery's capacity increases as the weather gets hotter. However, this has two drawbacks. The increased capacity quickly sucks the life out of your car battery, and the high temperatures can evaporate electricity-creating electrolytes in your car battery's core.

Decreased Capacity

By contrast, winter's frigid touch decreases your car's battery by roughly 20 percent at freezing temperatures. Sluggish, icy electrolytes in your battery's core simply can't create or store sufficient electricity to give your car's starter the jolt it needs to turn the engine over.

To ensure optimal battery health year round, schedule a seasonal service appointment at our Williston dealership. We'll check/change fluids or replace your battery if necessary.


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