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Tires – A Judgment Call

At Earthycars, we have the experience to help you select your replacement tires. Did you know that tires come in three major categories? You can choose normal passenger tires that are often referred to as summer tires, all-season tires, and winter tires.

Summer tires give the smoothest, quietest ride and may offer the best handling in rain or shine because they have fewer, narrower grooves and softer rubber. This means more rubber gripping the road. However, in cold weather, the rubber stiffens and the lack of grooves become a liability in the snow.


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Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Especially Important During Fall

Seasonal maintenance during the fall is key to making sure your vehicle runs at its highest possible level throughout the colder seasons. When autumn arrives, call Earthycars, and you can make an appointment for your vehicle's seasonal maintenance. We’ll rotate your tires and inflate them properly, as well as provide you with the brake service, alignments, filter changes, and more that are necessary to keep your car running.

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