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Meeting Someone at the Airport & Need Your Car Clean Now?

Washing and detailing your car properly takes time, but what do you do when plans suddenly change, and you're picking up your partner's parents at BTV in five minutes? You need to make a good first impression... but your dusty car is filled with soda cans and gym bags.

Don't panic. Autoblog Details offers six tips to have your car cleaner in minutes.

  • Empty trash from the car. If you need to stash it…
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Bring Your Dog on Every Adventure with a Pre-Owned Car

If there is one thing Vermonters love, it's their dogs -- or as many cheekily dub them, "fur-children." And, if there's another thing Vermonters love more, it's taking their four-legged kids on outdoor adventures through the Green Mountains.

That means a lot of dog-hours on the road.

When you travel with your pet in the car, make sure you are doing it safely and with less stress by following these handy tips from Ford:

  • Keep a water bowl in the car for on-the-go hydration. Most pet stores in the Burlington and Williston area sell collapsible bowls made of…
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Clean Up Backseat Crafting Gone Awry in 4 Easy Steps

Whether you are keeping the kids occupied on the way to school, or your friends are doing a Zen-inspired adult coloring book in the passenger seat, one thing is certain -- crayon is a mess to get out of fabric car seats.

The reason, as true science-nerds will appreciate, is that crayons are made with wax, which an extremely hydrophobic non-polar substance. In layman's terms -- it will not dissolve in water no matter how hard you try. Most cleaning products are designed for things that can dissolve in water. That's why crayon stains defy fabric cleaner.

What can you…

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Don't Skip the Test Drive, Learn How to Evaluate Cars Like a Kelley Blue Book Reviewer!

If you recently started school at UVM or Champlain, you may be looking for an affordable used car to get you around the greater Burlington area.

Chances are, before you lay down money on a vehicle, you're going to want to test drive it first -- especially a used vehicle. On a test drive, you can make sure a pre-owned car or SUV is in good condition, and that it is equipped with the features you want.

However, many drivers, particularly younger drivers, often skip the test-drive step of the buying process because they don't know what to do…

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5 Things You Should be Doing to Catch More Pokemon by Car

The Pokémon Go app is not unlike the bubonic plague in its viral spread across the globe. Even if you don't play it, you've seen swarms of people wandering around Maple Tree Place or Church Street, holding their phones in front of them.

Well, okay, people have been doing that since the invention of the cell phone, so not much has changed.

There has already been plenty of controversy, and more than a few accidents, involving people playing the game behind the wheel of a car. Whether you are texting, making a phone call, or playing Pok…

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5 Habits You Didn't Realize Were Bad for Manual Transmissions

Many Vermonters avoid the dreaded manual transmission altogether. "Who has time to learn?" we hear people say. More importantly, who will sacrifice their car to teach you?

There are hazards to teaching someone to drive any car, like the chance they will confuse reverse for drive and back into your garage door before lesson one. When newbies forget to press the clutch before shifting in a manual, however, that really grinds our gears.

A few innocent mistakes, like forgetting to shift, or forgetting the clutch, and you'll be looking for auto repairs near Burlington, or a new car altogether…

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Earthycars is Assigning You Chemistry Homework

As a proud purveyor of affordable, environmentally responsible used vehicles, many of our customers are local college students. Well, this week we found a new auto detailing video that had us wringing our brains to remember long-forgotten chemistry lessons.

Our professors would not be proud. We had to Google it.

Without further ado, here is how to get persistent salt-stains out of your vehicle's carpet... and more importantly, why it works!

Here's a breakdown of the science:

Road salt is mostly NaCl, the same stuff you put on French fries. Even in land-locked Vermont, you'll know salt…

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Winterize Your Car With Eric the Car Guy

Nobody knows winter like us Vermonters. Yet sometimes before the season starts, we may be at a loss for how to adequately prepare our cars.

Eric the Car Guy runs a YouTube channel filled with helpful repair videos from a professional mechanic. Here are some tips he has for winterizing your car that we found useful.

First, inspect your tires. You've likely already put on your snows or all seasons. If not-- hurry up! The snow has been holding off so far, but this lull won't last long.

Check your tread depth and make sure it is at…

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4 Ways to Save Gas Money This Holiday Season

There's a good chance you're heading home for the holidays, or have family coming to visit you in Burlington. No matter which of the plethora of festivities you'll be celebrating, a lot of traveling is in your future.

Give yourself the gift of gas money in your pocket by making your drive as efficient as possible.

  1. Reduce wind resistance. By reducing your drag coefficient by 0.01, you'll make a 0.2mpg gain in fuel economy, so take off those antenna toppers, and any unused roof-racks. Truck drivers, keep your tailgates up or beds covered.
  2. Reduce…
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6 Tips To Cure Your Grimy Car Syndrome

Buds are slipping on the trees, small green things are sprouting up, and your allergies are acting up again. What could this be? Has spring come to Burlington?

Now that it's finally warm enough, let's get out and clean the winter grime off our cars. But, before you do, be sure to check out these great tips and tricks.

  1. Hand wash, don't just go to the drive-through car wash. This way you…

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