Wolfsgart Auto Show Comes to Champlain Valley Expo

This past weekend Wolfsgart hosted an auto show at the Champlain Valley Exposition, and some of our friends at Dealer.com were there to witness the action.

Wolfsgart is all about German and European car brands, so we saw a lot of Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and BMW. However, the party wasn't exclusive, and we got a great look at some modified, new, and classic cars from other brands, too.

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One of the most impressive cars of the weekend was a decidedly feminine mod on a Volkswagen Golf Mk6. While many modified vehicles try to cram in as much machismo as possible with flared fenders and huge spoilers, this subtle beauty enhanced the Golf's aesthetic with purple plaid accenting, and colored wheels.

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The Vermont hippie spirit also got a chance to shine through, with these Volkswagen Type 2 "minibuses" that look perfect for following Phish on tour.

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Many of you may have forgotten this beauty, the Subaru Brat. A car-pickup mash up that pre-dates the Baja.

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Of course, we believe the unchallenged belle of the ball had to the Karmen Ghias. These stunning classics resemble an elegant tropical fish. They are almost otherworldly with their minimalistic and smooth front end.

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We look forward to seeing more of your cars at next year's Wolfsgart auto show!

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