Adding a Backup Camera

Backup cameras are becoming ubiquitous: they are required on new vehicles from the 2018 model-year or later. On older cars, they were a luxury, but it's possible to modify a used car to have a backup camera if you want one for a car that didn't have it originally.

There are two kinds of aftermarket backup camera systems. If you already have a dashboard display, then the camera itself with the proper software will cost less than thirty dollars. For a vehicle that does not have a screen, then a kit with the camera and a display for…

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How to Keep from Getting Distracted While Driving

It is important for you to do all that you can to look out for yourself and those around you when you are driving. The team at Earthycars wants you to stay safe in all of the driving that you do and avoid becoming distracted when your eyes should be on the road.

One of the best ways to keep from getting distracted when you are driving is to make a rule for yourself that you will only use your cellphone in emergency situations. Do not spend hours talking on the phone while driving. Another way to keep from getting…
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Tailgating Essentials

Tailgating can be such a fun experience whether you are headed to a football game with your friends or you want to enjoy the day at a park with your family. Before you head out in your new pre-owned vehicle from Earthycars, make sure you have some of the best tailgating essentials on hand to make your day perfect.

  • Plan a picnic of some sort. You can stick to cold items that you can keep nearby in a cooler, or you can use a small, portable, charcoal grill to cook up some items.
  • Keep a number of paper products on…
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Finding the Right Mechanic

Finding the right mechanic is a big decision and one we don’t want you to take lightly. We want to help you not just have a mechanic you’re comfortable around but also to be able to do some automotive things on your own in case of an emergency. Stop at Earthycars and speak to our technicians about the best ways to keep your vehicle in as good of condition as possible.

Finding the right mechanic can be difficult, especially if you’re new to an area. Getting recommendations from friends, family members and neighbors is a great way…

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Why Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

The team here at Earthycars have some information about your car tires we needed to share. If you are still riding on all-season tires as summer approaches you might want to reconsider.

Summer tires were specifically designed to be able to withstand the severe heat on the roads and keep you and your passengers safer by increasing handling, reducing brake time, and improving the grip the tires have on the road.

Grooves that are needed in all-season tires are not as needed on the summer tires because more tread on the road in the heat is better for traction.

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Get to Know Your Suspension

Your car's suspension is key in making sure you have a smooth, bump-free ride. It minimizes the vibrations you and your passengers feel. Shocks, struts and steering equipment are all key parts of your vehicle's suspension.

If all is right with your car's suspension, you really shouldn't notice it. If there's a problem, you may start to notice a bumpy ride or feel like the car is swaying as you drive. You might also feel like the front end of your car is moving downward as you brake. Fluid leaking from a shock or strut…
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The Best Ways to Avoid a Tire Blowout

Tire Blowouts can cause severe, life-threatening accidents. Fortunately, with regular tire maintenance, some tire blowouts can be prevented. Some of the following tips will help you avoid the possibility of a tire blowout and the chance of an accident.
  • Know the correct inflation amount for your tires and check them often.
  • Check the tire pressure in extreme temperature changes and adjust as needed.
  • Have the alignment of your tires checked regularly.
  • Rotate the tires on your vehicle at least every 8,000 miles.
  • Use a penny to check the tread on your tires. If you can see Lincoln's...
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Battery Testing Strategies That Boost Safety During Maintenance Routines

Because batteries use acid to generate power, practical steps must be taken during maintenance routines to increase safety. By using proper protective accessories, the process of implementing testing procedures safely won't be a hassle.

The acid that's found in the battery housing can leak. When this happens, the liquid can splash. In order to prevent injuries throughout these maintenance situations, you'll need goggles and gloves. The gloves should be made of rubber because this material doesn't impact handling during the testing process.


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Can You Rely Only On the Tire Pressure Monitor Light?

Just as in any other safety system in your car, the tire pressure monitoring system can fail to notify you of danger. Sensors are subject to failure, so are tire pressure indicator lights on your dash. Most tire pressure monitoring systems inform you of low tire pressures when the tire is 25% lower than the recommended pressure.

You should personally monitor your tire pressure at least once per month with an accurate air pressure gauge. The tire pressure monitor system is not designed as a cure-all solution to tire woes. The system will fail you eventually—all systems do...

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What is the Issue with a Car Overheating?

Once the temperature gauge on a vehicle indicates extreme heat in the engine, a serious problem may be present. The sight of steam coming out from under the hood further reveals major troubles are present. What are these troubles that cause overheating?

A coolant leak could be the prime culprit. If the radiator or connecting hoses suffer from punctures or corrosion-related holes, coolant leaks out. A loose hose might be the issue as well. Once coolant levels drop, there isn't enough fluid to keep the engine at an appropriate temperature. Clogs in the radiator or hoses might cause similar…

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