Checking Tire Tread and Pressure

If the tires on your vehicle aren't maintained and cared for, then they can impact how your vehicle operates on the road. There are a few things that you can look at to ensure that your tires stay in the best condition. If there are any concerns, visit Earthycars to get the tires rotated, changed or examined further.

Check the tire pressure on a regular basis, especially if there is a change in the temperature. Hot weather can cause the tires to expand while cold weather can cause a bit of a loss in air pressure. You should be…

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Practical Situations When Suspension Maintenance or Repairs are Needed

An automobile suspension system is essential because it protects key components that are mounted underneath a vehicle's frame. Whenever general maintenance or repair signs are noticed, proper procedures must be implemented to resolve the problems. If the process of detecting general suspension issues seems challenging, you can pinpoint problem easily by considering a few things.

During driving situations on traditional roads, always examine the conditions in the surroundings. If your car bounces dramatically after the tires roll over an obstacle, the suspension system may need

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How Four-Wheel-Drive and All-Wheel-Drive Applications Are the Same and Different

Many people don't know the difference between four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive. They mostly think that these two terms are describing the same thing. That is partially true, because they both describe the process of providing power to all four wheels of a vehicle in order to increase traction.

Four-wheel-drive configurations use a lower gear ratio and a split differential to get to get the power to the four wheels. It is found in pickup trucks and larger off-road SUV vehicles. These vehicles are used for off-road and rugged terrain use.

The all-wheel-drive setup delivers...
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Get Ready for Winter with Salt, Sand, or Kitty Litter

No one wants to get stuck in the snow or on the ice in the middle of winter, but if there is a chance that it could happen, you want to make sure that you are prepared. You can get prepared by simply having some useful items in your vehicle. You should always have an emergency kit in your car all year round, but in the winter, you should also have a bag of sand, salt, or cat litter as well.

If you get stuck, all you need to do is spread your sand, litter, or salt under and around…
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Why You Need Winter Windshield Wiper Blades

Over here at Earthycars, we know a lot about cars and what they need to perform well. We want to spread some knowledge about cars to keep you safe while you're on the road. When winter comes around, you need to switch to winter windshield wiper blades to deal with Vermont snow. Why are winter windshield wiper blades better?
  • They are stronger so they can push heavy snow off of the windshield much more effectively
  • They are made with a rubber shell that works to prevent the buildup of ice
  • They are made with a stronger rubber to ensure…
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Keeping the Tradition: How to Safely Transport Your Traditional Dishes this Holiday Season

Visiting loved ones and cooking tasty dishes are traditions held by many during the holiday season. Unfortunately, this tradition of sharing holiday foods sometimes results in the tradition of cleaning up the mess it leaves behind in the backseat. When traveling with food, it is important to prepare your dishes for the ride. Here are some helpful tips from us at Earthycars to ensure that your holiday dishes, and your car upholstery, survive the journey.
  • If you have a pie that needs transporting, place an empty pie pan on top of it and wrap it tightly in foil to keep…
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Why You Should Remember to Rotate Your Vehicle's Tires

Every year so many vehicle owners spend vast sums of money needlessly by forgetting to take care of one quick and simple vehicle maintenance step and that is rotating your tires. If you forget to rotate your tires they will wear unevenly which can bring about a whole host of problems.

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Merits of Buying Used Cars From a Dealer

Many people choose to buy a pre-owned car rather than a new one for many reasons. You can save money, drive away in a unique or out-of-production car, and also enjoy less stress from the occasional door ding or dent. There are four main reasons why used car shoppers prefer to buy from a dealer like Earthycars:

Saves You Time

We carry a wide variety of used vehicles in our inventory, saving you time via one-stop shopping convenience.

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Handy Tips If You Decide To Travel With Your Pet This Season

Traveling with pets can be a really fun way to go on a family vacation, and you won't have to worry about your furry family member being left behind at a boarding facility. Plus, it will save you some money on boarding while you enjoy the company of your favorite furry friend. You want your trip to go smoothly, so make sure that you pack all the essentials not only for yourself but for your pet companion as well.

It is always best to travel with your pet in a pet carrier. It keeps your pet safe and your…

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