Earthycars Explains Torque

How fast can you untwist a bottle cap? That's horsepower.

How stuck a bottle cap can you untwist? That’s torque.

Torque and horsepower are two of the most difficult concepts to grasp about how a car engine works, and it is made more complicated by the fact that both change with rpm. At its core, however, torque is the rotating force that drives an engine's crankshaft, and determines its ability to perform work. Horsepower is how rapidly the work is done.

Horsepower is calculated as H = T x rpm/5252, where H is horsepower, T is torque, rpm is rotations per minute, and 5252 is a constant.

A vehicle with low torque could still have high horsepower at higher rpms, while at the same rpms, a vehicle with more torque will have higher horsepower. This is why torque is often cited as being necessary for low-end responsiveness.

Truck drivers also appreciate higher torque numbers for hauling payloads, where it makes sense to have more power at a low rpm.

Of course, it doesn't matter how much torque the engine can generate if your vehicle's tires are not transferring that power to the ground. When worn-out tires slip, you lose power as the heat of friction. Shop for new tires near Burlington at Earthycars, where we carry all major brands and can mount and balance them for you right here.

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