5 Things You Should be Doing to Catch More Pokemon by Car

The Pokémon Go app is not unlike the bubonic plague in its viral spread across the globe. Even if you don't play it, you've seen swarms of people wandering around Maple Tree Place or Church Street, holding their phones in front of them.

Well, okay, people have been doing that since the invention of the cell phone, so not much has changed.

There has already been plenty of controversy, and more than a few accidents, involving people playing the game behind the wheel of a car. Whether you are texting, making a phone call, or playing Pokémon, it is never safe to operate a handheld device when you are driving.

Still, there are ways you can fill up your Pokédex more efficiently, and safely, with a vehicle.

  • Start by grabbing a friend, and handing them your phone. Someone with good multi-tasking ability to operate two games at a time is preferable. With your designated passenger in tow...
  • Loop through downtown Burlington. There are Poke Stops on every block downtown, and your passenger should be able to grab most of them. Bonus: slow-moving Burlington traffic lets you put kilometers on your incubating eggs!
  • Take a road trip through Vermont, conquering gyms in every town along the way.
  • Activate an incense. When you're not in a busy town, sightings are scarce -- but you can draw in dozens of Pokémon even down remote rural routes with incense. It works better while you're moving, so a car ride is the perfect time to have your passenger use one. Just beware of areas without cellular signals.
  • Avoid braking unexpectedly, making sudden turns, or otherwise driving erratically if your passenger sees a rare Pokémon. Remember that you are the driver, and your first priority is safety.

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