Bring Your Dog on Every Adventure with a Pre-Owned Car

If there is one thing Vermonters love, it's their dogs -- or as many cheekily dub them, "fur-children." And, if there's another thing Vermonters love more, it's taking their four-legged kids on outdoor adventures through the Green Mountains.

That means a lot of dog-hours on the road.

When you travel with your pet in the car, make sure you are doing it safely and with less stress by following these handy tips from Ford:

  • Keep a water bowl in the car for on-the-go hydration. Most pet stores in the Burlington and Williston area sell collapsible bowls made of cloth or silicone that are easy to stow in a seat-pocket.

  • Your dog should wear a collar with identification any time you go out, and especially when exploring an unfamiliar area. Many local animal-lovers are happy to return a lost dog to its owner as soon as it is found. Without a tag with your name and phone number, you'll have to go through animal control -- a longer and more stressful process.

  • Make sure the climate control in your car is dog-appropriate. Dogs don't sweat through most of their skin, and they're always wearing a fur coat. If the car feels warm to you, it might be like a furnace to your dog!

  • Give your dog a stuffed Kong to work on while you drive. It will keep them occupied, and teach them that car rides are fun, not scary.

Check out the video for more canine travel advice, and check out our latest inventory at Earthycars for used crossovers and SUVs with plenty of space for securing a crate.

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