Clean Up Backseat Crafting Gone Awry in 4 Easy Steps

Whether you are keeping the kids occupied on the way to school, or your friends are doing a Zen-inspired adult coloring book in the passenger seat, one thing is certain -- crayon is a mess to get out of fabric car seats.

The reason, as true science-nerds will appreciate, is that crayons are made with wax, which an extremely hydrophobic non-polar substance. In layman's terms -- it will not dissolve in water no matter how hard you try. Most cleaning products are designed for things that can dissolve in water. That's why crayon stains defy fabric cleaner.

What can you do?

  • Grab a clothing iron, an extension cord, and a clean piece of paper.
  • Lay the paper on top of the crayon marks
  • Iron over the paper
  • The wax will melt, and absorb into the paper. Be sure to keep the iron moving so you don't singe the seats, and keep moving to a clean part of the paper once it has absorbed all the wax it can take.

Sometimes, all it takes to keep your car looking like new is paper, and a little creativity. Other times, you need replacement parts. Visit Earthycars, near the border of South Burlington on Williston Road, to find high-quality automotive parts for sale in Williston.

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