Don't Skip the Test Drive, Learn How to Evaluate Cars Like a Kelley Blue Book Reviewer!

If you recently started school at UVM or Champlain, you may be looking for an affordable used car to get you around the greater Burlington area.

Chances are, before you lay down money on a vehicle, you're going to want to test drive it first -- especially a used vehicle. On a test drive, you can make sure a pre-owned car or SUV is in good condition, and that it is equipped with the features you want.

However, many drivers, particularly younger drivers, often skip the test-drive step of the buying process because they don't know what to do. Before you take out a used car loan, check out a recent video by Kelley Blue Book on how to get the most out of your test drive.

KBB's Micah Muzio shares tips and insights on:

  • What gear you should bring along with you for the drive (if you ski or ride, bring your skis or snowboard to make sure they fit)
  • What features you should check (Can the infotainment system stream your favorite tunes?)
  • How to test ride quality and cabin noise
  • Testing the engine power and brakes

Easy, right? Learning to test drive like a professional auto-industry reviewer beats studying for midterms, anyway! When you're ready, visit Earthycars on Williston Rd, and find a great selection of pre-owned cars for sale on a student's budget.

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