Three Vital Reasons to Change Your Oil Regularly

Here at Earthycars, we recognize that car engines have truly come a long way over the decades. In addition to becoming more lightweight, powerful, and even fuel efficient, car engines now use technology to help you travel between destinations with ease. That’s why it is important to check every component in your vehicle’s engine routinely to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Regular service appointments can help you to avoid the issues caused by friction, corrosion, overheating, and more.

Although engines have improved significantly over the years, modern motor oil keeps up with the changes. You do need to change your oil at regular intervals to help keep your car running, and we are delighted to share three reasons why you may want to monitor your oil:

  • Fresh engine oil protects against rust and corrosion better than dirty or old engine oil. Your quick oil change appointment can help you save a significant amount of money and frustration, as engine replacements are costly.
  • Old engine oil has a more difficult time filtering out debris and dirt as the oil flows through your system. The accumulated sludge can even cause engine failure when it jams up your system!
  • Engine oil loses its viscosity and starts to become thin over time, leaving you more vulnerable to engine issues caused by overheating and improper lubrication.

Now that you know the basic reasons why it is vital to monitor and change your oil at routine intervals, we invite you to schedule a service appointment at our Williston Service Center. Our skilled oil change technicians are eager to take care of your needs.

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