Understanding the Maintenance of your Vehicle

Your new car has made you so joyous. It even still has that clean smell, and the paint shines brightly in the sun. Now that you have taken it off the lot it is your responsibility to follow your maintenance schedule. Whether it be oil changes, tires, or even wiper blades, these are all key to keeping your car like new for the next 300k miles.

Your vehicle maintenance schedule is based on your manufacturer's guidelines. They designed the car, so they know how to keep it going down the road. In your owner’s manual should be the guidelines of when to follow. After how many miles you should get an oil change or when you should rotate tires, it is all there. This is all key to making your car running smoothly. If you do not properly maintain your car, it can lead to failures in your vehicle, huge repair bills and a shorter life of your vehicle.

Earthycars has trained technicians who know the insides and outs of your vehicle. Not only do they have the knowledge, but they have the right tools and parts to make your service pleasant. Never use knock-off parts or fluids for your car, when you can achieve quality service here.

Take care of your car, and it will take care of you.

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