What Type of Oil Should You Choose?

Which Type to Choose and Who to Bring It in To?

It's important to change your vehicle's oil regularly. Do not make the mistake of taking this for granted, for it's a very delicate area of your car's engine that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Knowing the difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil certainly helps in this endeavor, for you must make a decision between the two that will affect your vehicle's engine life as a whole for years to come. Do you choose synthetic oil or regular oil? Who can help with these decisions?

First of all, the regular and conventional type of oil has been around first. It is a refined crude oil that has worked well for many years, but it requires more frequent changes as it is susceptible to forming sludge. Synthetic oil may start with crude oil as well, but it is broken down to the molecular level to create more ideal chemical properties that allow it to lubricate better in cold climates, and last longer between oil changes. 

Who can help you decide which is best for you? Let us help.
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