What to Do Following a Tire Blowout

A blowout can be a stressful and dangerous event, and all drivers need to be ready for them. Taking the proper steps after a blowout will reduce your risk of a dangerous or deadly accident. Here are a few simple tips that will keep you and your loved ones safe during one of these emergencies.

After a blowout, you must immediately turn on your hazard lights and then slowly pull your vehicle off to the side of the road. Once the road is clear, you should get out and set up flares or other warning markers. If the road is busy, then you might need to exit the vehicle and get to a safe location.

A blowout can result in secondary mechanical problems, and that is why we suggest having your vehicle inspected by the team of mechanics at Earthycars. We are proud to help residents of Williston and the surrounding communities with all of their maintenance needs.



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