About Motor Oil Viscosity

Viscosity describes the thickness of the motor oil or how quickly the fluid flows. Water has a low viscosity. On the other hand, honey is thicker and thus has a higher viscosity. Motor oil containers indicate the viscosity of the oil. On a can of oil labeled as 10W40, the 10 signifies the viscosity of the oil when the engine has not been running. The 40 represents the thickness of the oil when the engine has been running.

Low viscosity oils are necessary to keep engines running when the temperature is cold outside. The oil is thin enough to quickly lubricate the engine. Higher viscosity ratings are necessary when outdoor temperatures are hot. The heat naturally thins the oil. However, the fluid does not thin to the point of not being able to effectively lubricate the engine parts. Thus, oils having double ratings are appropriate to use regardless of climate. When its time for your next oil change, see us at Earthycars.



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